Laminate Flooring, Tile Flooring, and Hardwood Flooring

LaminateNew flooring can dramatically improve the overall look of a home. It can also add a great deal of value to nearly any house. With all the different types of flooring ideas available, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting challenge.

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Whether you’re building a home, or remodeling an existing one, the right floor covering can have a dramatic impact. Kitchen flooring, as well as that for the bathroom, should not only suit your style but should be utilitarian as well. Discount flooring is often a great way to create a stylish design while saving money on the project.

One of the classic flooring options is hardwood. Hardwood flooring has been used for centuries and is still considered one of the most luxurious floor treatments. Oak flooring is the most common, but maple and ash are often used as well. While solid hardwood is still common, there are several more advanced “wood” flooring options available for today’s homeowners.

Laminate flooring can be a great way to achieve the look and feel of wood while ensuring greater durability. First used in the 1980’s across Europe, it quickly spread to North America. This type of flooring us made from several layers of varying materials that are overlayed with an image of a natural wood and then covered with a protective coating of resin. This flooring is very scratch and dent resistant and often lasts for decades.

Engineered hardwood is similar to laminates. However, engineered hardwood is composed of multiple layers of thinly sliced wood, which are then glued together to create a much more durable wood flooring. Just like laminates though, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Bamboo flooring, as well as cork flooring, are becoming popular with many homeowners. These materials are prized for their durability, but also because they are both considered renewable resources. Ecologically minded homeowners are singing the praises of bamboo and cork, and their popularity is spreading.

Ceramic flooring is a common alternative to wood. Especially popular with Southwest and Mediterranean designs, tile flooring is beautiful and durable. Tile is most often used in kitchen and bathrooms, but can be used throughout the home as well. Vinyl flooring is also a common treatment for the kitchen and bathroom, and is often much less expensive than ceramic tiles.

Even garage flooring can be updated with the right treatment. Rubber mats and tiles can be customized to fit your garage with little effort. Epoxy coatings are also commonly used to protect the garage floor from oil and other chemicals.

A well thought out combination of carpet, flooring and area rugs can create a warm, serene home environment. The variety of different floor treatments that are available to today’s homeowners can make the decision making process a bit more difficult, but it also provides many more opportunities for artistic expression.

If you are remodeling your home, installing new cupboards or bathtop vanities can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home.


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